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TMS Therapy Reviews

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Meet Carol.

Carol dealt with depression most of her life.

She was very nervous at first but she pulled through with a little help from our wonderful Dr. Zand and Rhonda.

"I literally was amazed. I don't wake up with a cloud over me, I just don't feel that way anymore".

Watch her encouraging and hopeful story.

Meet Gabby.

Gabby dealt with the side-effects of antidepressants for too long.

With TMS, everything changed.

Watch Gabby describe her before-and-after experience with TMS therapy.

Meet Harry.

For over 40 years Harry suffered from depression.

After his TMS treatments, he no longer feels the weight on his shoulders.

Watch his story to recovery using TMS depression therapy.

TMS Patient Reviews

janet testimonial
Courtney makes a wonderful therapist. Christina is wonderful and Dr. Israel is so compassionate.
- Janet
william testimonial
Although I will always have bad days as long as I have my autoimmune disease and the awful medications I take to treat it, I feel that the TMS therapy has helped me to bounce back more quickly to a functional state I would suggest TMS therapy to a friend or family if they had tried other treatments for depression and wished to try something that didn’t involve pills. Also, i could mention that there are no side effects except for some drowsiness the first few treatments. Thanks for your help, I am truly grateful.
- William
diana testimonial
Courtney, Christina, and Dr. Israel made me feel safe to be here and has very encouraging attitudes. I did notice when I came every day it helped are and I can feel the difference of not getting the treatment as much. It’s worth it to try it.
- Diana
Jessica testimonial
I tried it and I truly believe it enabled me to finally stabilize. Now my antidepressants really work. I’m back working after 15 years!! It took longer than average – about 6 months to fully kick in but the changes have been literally life saving.
- Jessica
suzanne testimonial
It opened the opportunity to have a satisfying life. This is an amazing treatment. I highly recommend it.
- Suzanne
blanca testimonial
I’m 20 treatments in there’s the biggest difference. I’m more joyful, I’m happier, I have my motivation back. and I’m able to do the things that I didn’t want to do anymore.
- Blanca
JM's testimonial
Great staff! Lucy and Rhonda are very caring and informative. I just started and do feel calmer. Try it, what have you got to lose.
- J.M.
jo's testimonial
Getting the right help when you have treatment-resistant major depression, is not easy. I have endured many years of medication trials along with several courses of ECT. Dr. Israel and her entire team welcomed me with encouragement, support, kindness, and compassion. With the help of Success TMS, I have been given the opportunity to fall in love with my life again. I urge anyone who is suffering with depression to please give these treatments a chance
- Jo
rich's testimonial
My wife has suffered with Major Depressive Disorder for many years and has tried many types of treatments including ECT. She has found TMS at Success TMS to be a remarkable way to get her back to the wonderful person she is. Dr. Israel and her incredible staff have made a real difference in our lives.
- Rich
Erica's TMS therapy review
I have felt more empowered to deal with relationship issues and resilient in the face of significantly stressful events.
- Erica
Barbara's TMS review
TMS has given me my life back. After the death of my son, I was severely depressed and thought I couldn’t live anymore. I was so unable to focus, unable to sleep, unable to concentrate and I was so afraid the rest of my life would be like that. With TMS I’m not living a full life. I’m back to traveling, reading, volunteering and doing things that I enjoy. Thank you, Dr. Israel and her wonderful staff and this treatment for giving me my life back.
- Barbara
Katie, Andre, Julianna, Kathryn, Thanks for changing my life! Love you guys! Hope to see you later. Love, Rachael
- Rachael
Harry's TMS therapy review
Hi, my name is Harry and I finished treatment almost two months ago. I had never heard of this before and I have always had bouts with depression my whole life. I’ve been in therapy since 1974, until recently you know my whole life has really kind of changed. Even my husband has noticed, people around me have noticed, that I’m just kind of I don’t want to say different because that sounds bad, that I was no good before, but… changed. I guess the biggest thing for me with this treatment is that for the first time I don’t feel this weight, since 1974. You know it doesn’t matter medication no medication I’ve always had this weight on my shoulders it’s just weighing me down and feeling, you know, depressed, I don’t wanna get up in the morning, I managed to get myself up and go to work do what I had to do and then come home and just always felt this weight. Well after three weeks I noticed it’s gone.
- Harry
Bob's TMS therapy review
My name is Bob Larson and I’ve had depression through my life but this last depression lasted more than a year. My therapist is the one that introduced me to this. I was at my ropes end, so I said okay let’s why not give it a try. So I walked in here and all of a sudden I had my head I did in a chair that’s like a dental chair. With the technicians very good everything. I mean it’s red carpet treatments all over, it’s wonderful. I would say about halfway through my thought pattern changed to the best. I didn’t have those suicidal feelings. I think if it works for me it could work for anybody. If you’ve really tried everything, even if you’re not on medications, this really can be the answer.
- Bob
Zoe's TMS review
Hi my name is Zoey and I’ve been depressed since about 13 years old. I tried pretty much every single medication that there is. For many years I was working, I was able to work, I had clinical depression. About three years ago it just became this major depressive disorder. It became so severe, so severe, that I had to have ECT. It just was unbearable, it was so brutal. When I found out that I was gonna get accepted and that I was gonna come here I thought wow the first time I ever had hope. I was separated from everything, spiritually mentally physically, so its recovery, it’s healing, its life, it’s the way back to life. I believe people who are suffering and from depression should be at treatment centers, absolutely, without a doubt.
- Zoey
Michaels TMS therapy review
Well, I was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder back in 1992. I’ve been on some medication or another ever since and most psychotropic antidepressants stopped working at some point so I’ve been through quite a few. Last year was just one of those years where it was just one thing after another with deaths in the family and I was coping with a deteriorating back. Just one thing after another kind of year and ultimately I was overwhelmed and ended up back down in a pit. So I talked it over with my psychiatrist and she suggested that would accept my insurance and sure enough, my insurance was fine and I was able to go through a complete course of treatment. After about three weeks I started to feel a real lifting of that gloom and then by the end of the treatments the depression was gone and is still in remission
- Michael
Holly Review
My name is Holly and I have had a history of depression. I’ve taken Prozac, I’ve taken Zoloft, I’ve taken all those type of medications and they make me tired, they make me feel like a zombie. I was looking for something different. I don’t want those side effects, I want something that is going to get rid of the depression. Chris explained everything very well. So far so good, it’s really working a lot from me. I am not feeling depressed. I have to tell you it’s been two weeks, yeah, I feel really good.
- Holly
J.A's testimonial
I suffered from depression for more than 40 years and it was a terrible terrible thing to live with. So it got worse, my life and the things that I did, became smaller and smaller and smaller. Finally this year. I had a very bad episode of depression and couldn’t even think. I didn’t want to get out of bed, didn’t want to talk on the phone, go places, be with friends. I sort of isolated myself and it was scary, it was scary to me because I’ve never felt this way before and it was scary to my husband because I had never been like this before. I was skeptical at first as I’m sure most people are because you think how is something that’s going to be in your head going to take care of things, but it did it, really did. The first few times I had it, I didn’t really see a whole lot of difference. Then around about the second week, end of the second week, it was like going from black and white to color, and the color of life was just beginning to ooze in, and every day became more vivid and more vivid. I have never felt this good in my whole life. I really have confidence in myself again and I’ve also learned what my limits are and I am open to new things and I’m not the person that I was when I was depressed. I’m more vibrant, more outgoing, and I enjoy things, and I want to do things. That anticipation has come back to me that wasn’t there before. The anticipation of a trip or anticipation that someone’s going to come and visit you. During the depression, I never had that anticipation so it blahhh. I just can’t say enough about the program. The staff was wonderful. My clinician was fantastic, she would make me feel very comfortable and very relaxed, and she let my husband come in and stay in the room and even my dog so I felt a lot more comfortable. She was just a wonderful person and I had a lot of knowledge, and if she didn’t, she would tell me and get the answer for me the next day. I liked that, she wouldn’t try to say something that wasn’t right. The office is fantastic and they give wonderful candy and goodies. Everybody is very friendly here, you walk in the door and the receptionist says “hey, hi, how are you doing?” You can’t help but just feel good. The first couple of days I couldn’t raise my eyes to her but after a while, I got infected with this hi how are you and responded in kind to her. Every day that I had the treatment it just added to the good things that I could see. It’s been maybe two or three months since I finished the little course of the treatment and I think I’m still improving every day. I think I’m finding new and more adventurous happy things that were there all the time but because of my depression, I just couldn’t see. After suffering from depression for 40 years it’s hard to believe in something but this for me has worked and it has made the difference in my life in my husband’s life and even with my adult children. I am the person that can handle things and take care of things and can love them and who joke with them and can anticipate good things down the road and I wasn’t that before when I was depressed.
- J.A.
Craigs TMS therapy review
I started suffering from depression in my mid-thirties. So for about 30 years, I’ve spent my life on medication. After being on medication for so long I was looking for a way not to have to be on it. I had treatment here for a period of six weeks, every day. The staff that I’ve dealt with have been caring and kind and embracing, and nonjudgemental. All the things that I would look for in someone who would be a care provider to me. I would walk in and regardless of who as on staff that day, I got the same level of care and treatment. I was one of the lucky ones where I responded very quickly. It was what nobody else was able to do for me.
- Craig
Kylie's TMS review
At the risk of sounding corny, I have to say that Success TMS saved my life. I don’t rely on fantasizing about suicide for comfort anymore, which is no wild for me because I honestly never thought I would make it this far. I’ve always been afraid to heal from the emotional pain I’ve been experiencing for the past ten years. I don’t know who I am without it. It’s scary but I’m figuring it out as I go. I’m no longer searching for validation from others, and I now know that I can experience actual happiness. This sh** is crazy. I’ve been measuring my mood based on how often/loudly I sing along with the radio when I’m alone in my car. I say ‘alone’ because I know it’s not performative happiness so that other people don’t suspect the actual mood. I sing along with the radio almost every time I drive now. I don’t excuse myself to go to the bathroom for a ‘cry break’ as I call them, and I’m not as emotionally fragile/sensitive anymore. I’m getting a lot better at seeing things through instead of giving up if things get boring/difficult. I wouldn’t be here, alive, more at peace, without TMS treatment. Thank you to everyone involved in my recovery process. ♥  
- Kylie
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