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Beat depression without meds at Success TMS in Fort Lauderdale, FL. TMS Therapy is proven more effective than meds & is FDA-approved.

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Suffering from depression and anxiety? Visit the depression specialists at Success TMS for your free evaluation.

Dr. Lindsay Israel

Dr. Lindsay Israel is the Medical Director at Success TMS in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Gardens.

As a board-certified psychiatrist for over 10 years, and a certified rTMS provider, Dr. Israel is happy to provide TMS therapy in South Florida.

She was born and raised in South Florida, attended the University of Florida for her entire undergraduate and medical education, as well as her General Psychiatry Residency and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship training.

After discovering how effective Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) was for treating Major Depressive Disorder, Dr. Israel opened Success TMS in Fort Lauderdale.

We’re now the leading TMS provider in Fort Lauderdale.

Looking for help treating your depression? We’re here to help.

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Meet Craig, after battling depression since his 30's, he found relief with TMS.

Watch him tell his amazing story about bravery and recovery from depression at Success TMS.

"I responded very quickly. It was what nobody else was able to do for me".

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Depression Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Imagine life without depression.

Our team of depression specialists are here to help you get there.

We are the largest provider of TMS therapy in Florida.

The Success TMS treatment clinic in Fort Lauderdale is easly accessible and provides some of the best depression treatment in the country.

Get results at our clinic in Fort Lauderdale.

Rid yourself of depression in as little as 8 weeks and it’s covered by most insurance providers.

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