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TMS Depression Treatment in Coconut Creek, FL

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Beat depression without meds at Success TMS in Coconut Creek, FL. TMS Therapy is proven more effective than meds & is FDA-approved.


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Get help for your depression and anxiety at Success TMS. Our center serves all of Broward County and is covered by insurance and Medicare.

Get Relief from Depression in Coconut Creek

We specialize in helping people beat depression with TMS Therapy.

TMS is proven to be almost 2x more effective than meds and is covered by most insurance providers. Over 300 million Americans are covered for TMS therapy.

Our location in Coconut Creek serves all the surrounding areas like Coral Springs, Parkland, Boca Raton, and North Lauderdale.

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Depression Treatment in Coral Springs

Getting help for depression isn’t easy.

Most clinics focus strictly on antidepressants and talk therapy to treat depression.

Since TMS is more effective than meds and doesn’t have the frustrating side-effects, we typically start there.

Medication management is also a service we provide as we know that meds can be effective in alleviating symptoms of depression.

Read and watch our reviews. We’re here to help you recover from anxiety and depression. We also treat OCD and PTSD.

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Dr. Maria Del Sol

Depression Treatment in Coral Springs

Hello, my name is Dr. Maria del Sol, and I am a board-certified psychiatrist and I focus on offering a relaxed, comprehensive approach to psychiatry.

For almost a decade I have been treating many mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorder, and I am proud to serve the Coconut Creek & Coral Spring area.

I attended Spartan Health Sciences University for medical school, completed my Adult Psychiatry residency training at the University of Florida, Shands Hospital, and my fellowship in Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Miami.

I am honored to be a part of the team here at Success TMS.

Depression Treatment in Coral Springs

Take charge of Depression with our TMS Licensed Depression Experts

It’s not all in your head…

If you’re suffering from or depression, relief is possible. And we’re here to help. Whether you are fighting mild or severe depression, working with a trained therapist shortens your journey to recovery. At Success TMS Coconut Creek, we help you share freely what troubles you in a safe, comfortable and confidential atmosphere.

Emotions are fleeting but you can learn to stay happy, present and enjoy the moments with those who matter and with an array of tools and helping hands guaranteed to walk this road with you, we can help you achieve just that!

What You Must Know

Treating depression takes time and patience…two ingredients we have in abundance at Success TMS Therapy, Coconut Creek. With so many treatment options available, it is best to find and settle for one that takes into consideration your unique needs whether or not the chosen treatment plan is even appropriate for you.

There are times when you need a shoulder to cry on and times when you need super-fast relief from the symptoms that plaque you. With us, you have a one-time solution to depression that ensures your productivity and lifestyles is not impacted negatively.

Discover TMS Therapy Treatment

A leading and FDA-approved approach to treating depression, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy employs the use of electric impulses to stimulate areas of the brain most often affected by depression.

With TMS, you do not have to worry about medications and their side effects. TMS is a non-invasive and non-surgical approach to treating depression that requires no recovery time. You also do not have to worry about lingering side effects as most side effects disappear with continuous use.

Ready to Take Back Your Life?

Did you know?

A large contributor to poor quality care and rising health care costs is the overuse, misuse and underuse of medications. So much is spent each year trying to address the improper and unnecessary use of medicines.

At Success TMS, we offer a patient-centered approach to optimizing medication use and improving health outcomes. We also check whether or not medications are safe to be taken in combination with any drugs if any that you might be taking and if you are able to take the medication as prescribed.

Furthermore, we develop individual therapy care plan that adequately follows you up to ensure optimal medication use and outcome. To learn more about Success TMS Medical Management Services, book your free consultation!

Our Medical Management Services

We have the same principle of operation across our 30+ depression centers and our Coral Springs / Coconut Creek depression treatment clinic is here to help. Because you look better when you’re smiling, we work tirelessly to ensure you do not lose.

Before scheduling you for treatment, you will be evaluated by one of our TMS psychiatrists to determine if TMS would be safe and appropriate for you.

If you reside in or around Coconut Creek and are interested in getting a FREE consultation for TMS Therapy treatment, or to learn more about our program, please call us at 954-710-9632 orcontact us online

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