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Your clinical partner in helping your patients achieve remission from depression

Your Patient’s Process with Success TMS

Step 1: Evaluation

Once we receive your referral, your patient will be evaluated by one of our licensed clinicians

Step 2: Treatment

A typical treatment course is:
• 5 treatments a week for 6-9 weeks
• 18-45 minutes per typical treatment session

Step 3: Communication

We keep you updated on your patient’s progress throughout treatment

TMS therapy is tailored to your patient and covered by most insurance. Medicare and Medicaid are accepted at some center locations.

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TMS treatment

TMS literature review at a glance


TMS therapy is FDA-indicated for MDD after one medication trial of adequate dose and duration. In order to meet typical insurance criteria, Success TMS recommends presenting patients for a TMS consultation after they have tried two medications, as well as evidence-based therapy. Click the image below to learn more.

Provider quick reference guide

This quick reference guide gives you all you need to know about TMS- fast! Learn more about a typical TMS treatment plan, insurance criteria, and the benefits of choosing Success TMS for your patients. Click the image below to learn more.

Partial responders

Partial responders are patients who have showed some response -but not remission- from their depression symptoms after an extended period of treatment. Click the image below to learn more.

TMS mechanism of action

The mechanism of action for TMS therapy is different from firstline antidepressant medications. Click the image below to learn more.

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