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TMS Depression Treatment in Camp Hill, PA

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Don’t let depression slow you down any longer? Get results with TMS therapy at our Camp Hill clinic.

With TMS Therapy, 83% of people experience improvements, 62% achieve complete remission from their depression.


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Get help for your depression and anxiety at Success TMS. Our center serves all of Cumberland County and is covered by insurance.

Beat Depression without Antidepressants

TMS Therapy is changing lives across the country and now in Camp Hill, PA.

Over 3 million treatments with serious results.

Far more effective than medication, 83% of people experience improvements, 62% achieve complete remission from their depression.

You can beat depression with TMS.

TMS is:

✓ Covered by insurance
✓ FDA cleared
✓ Safe & Effective
✓ Quick and convenient

It’s time to take that weight off your shoulders.

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What is TMS Therapy?

Unlike medications that can have negative side effects, TMS is a non-invasive, non-medicated treatment for depression.

TMS uses magnetic pulses, similar to an MRI, to stimulate the areas of the brain that are underactive in people suffering from depression.

Do not confuse TMS therapy with ECT. 
– TMS stands for transcranial magnetic stimulation
– ECT stands for electroshock therapy

You can learn more about TMS vs ECT here.

If medications have stopped working or you’ve had enough of the side-effects, contact us for a free consultation.

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Do you want to beat depression?

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