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TMS Depression Treatment in Iselin, NJ

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Success TMS in Iselin

Struggling with depression? Our experienced team can help!

With TMS Therapy, 83% of people experience improvements, 62% achieve complete remission from their depression.


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Get help for your depression and anxiety at Success TMS. Our center serves all of Cook County and is covered by insurance.

Hope for Your Depression Has Arrived!

You can beat depression, we can help.

Top-rated in the country. Over 1000 reviews, 4.8 star average.

Don’t let depression slow you down any longer!

TMS Therapy is:
– covered by insurance
– FDA-cleared
– Proven more effective than meds

Over 4 million treatments have been delivered.

Re-discover what life can be like depression-free and med-free.

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What Is TMS?

TMS is a non-invasive depression treatment that is drug-free. It works by stimulating an area of the brain that is underactive in people suffering from depression.

TMS uses magnets to stimulate the brain, not electric shocks such as ETC.

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, it stimulates the mood-regulating area of the brain.

Sessions last only 18-20 minutes. Think about it like a workout for your brain.

You can learn more about how TMS works here.

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