If you’re considering suicide, one thing to remember is that you’re not alone; many people have had similar thoughts at some point in their lives. At SuccessTMS, we understand that your pain can seem overwhelming and permanent. However, with time, support, and the proper treatment, we can help you overcome these thoughts and feelings.

Suicide Isn’t the Answer

Whether your pain is emotional or physical, we understand that it can lead to thoughts of suicide. Although the specific reasons are unique to all of us, there are some common causes that lead us to suicidal thoughts. And the way we cope with the pain can differ from person to person.

Either way, remember:

Suicide Isn’t the Only Option

Remember that other options exist, even if you can’t see them at the time. Emotional and physical pain can make it difficult to see potential solutions and connect with those who can offer you clarity and support. Listen to them and give them the opportunity to help you.

This is Temporary

Even though it may seem unending, suicidal crises are often temporary. Give yourself time for the pain to diminish before making any rash decisions.

Even Seemingly Hopeless Problems Have Solutions

With the proper treatment and support system, many mental health conditions are treatable. And occasionally, multiple treatment attempts and different approaches may be necessary to effectively treat these disorders. Don’t give up hope before you find the solution that works for you.

What To Do Right Now If You’re Experiencing a Suicidal Crisis

  • Promise not to do anything right now. Give yourself distance between action and thoughts. Wait.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol, as they can intensify your feelings.
  • Make your home safe and remove anything you could use to harm yourself.
  • Don’t keep your feelings to yourself; reach out to your therapist, doctor, or counselor for help and support.
  • If you are still experiencing a suicidal crisis, contact 9-1-1 or go to your nearest hospital.

At SuccessTMS, we provide treatment that helps our patients out of the darkness. To schedule a consultation, or for more information, don’t wait. Call us at 561-240-0194 today.