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Why TMS is the Future of Depression Therapy

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a revolutionary therapy used to treat the symptoms of depression.

It gently stimulates the areas of the brain that cause depression symptoms.

Safe & FDA Approved

TMS is FDA Cleared and highly effective in treating depression.


You can now live free of anti-depressants and their side effects.

Covered by Insurance

Medicare and almost all major insurance plans cover TMS therapy.

No Systemic Side Effects

TMS allows you to return to normal activities right away.


Only 6 Weeks to Experiencing Happiness

Step 1 – Relax in our Neurostar TMS chair.
Step 2 – Magnets will treat your depression.
Step 3 – Repeat for 6-8 weeks.

In as little as 6 weeks, less than 20 minutes per sessionTMS therapy can provide you a future free of depression.

Life does get easier and it starts here, today at Success TMS.

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Covered by

Patient Testimonial


At Relievus and Renewus, we were only treating 50 % of our patients’ pain.

We can now treat the whole patient, 100%.

By collaborating with Success TMS, pain management can now go beyond physical pain by treating mental (behavior) pain as well.

Finally, we see the true happiness in our patients’ faces who suffered from depression.

TMS therapy completes our mission in delivering full pain management at Relievus.


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