Our Story

Our Reason Why.

Success TMS was inspired by Alex – a beautiful, vibrant, smart and ambitious woman. Plagued by depression for over 5 years, Alex was constantly searching for new and innovative treatments that could help her beat her depression. After years of therapy, different types and doses of oral medications, experimental and risky treatments like ECT; after years of trial and error, years of not feeling like herself, Alex resigned herself to the fact that she would never be free of her depression. Hopelessness set in. Feeling like she had no choices left, Alex gave in to the only alternative that guaranteed the relief she was looking for… taking her own life.

Never Again.

Before her passing, Alex wrote a letter to her brother Jonathan; a letter he would later find sealed and carefully placed for him to find. Alex asked Jonathan to do two things: “First, take care of mom and dad. Second, find a cure for this terrible disease and get it out to the people. You are the only one who can.”

Jonathan took his sister’s wishes to heart and spent months researching new and different ways to treat depression. Finally, he discovered TMS – a non-invasive and PROVEN solution to battle depression. He reached out to his four close friends and business partners, all of whom were already experienced and successful in the medical field. Knowing Alex’s story, all four knew something had to be done and were ready to help in any way possible. Less than a year after Alex’s death and as a tribute to her, Success TMS was born.

A Different Approach to Depression – We Get It.

Having lived through this terrible disease, as brothers and friends, the team at Success TMS believes in providing a deeper and more compassionate level of care in order to maximize successful outcomes. Depression affects more than just one person at a time. Often, it affects a whole family, close friends, and even an entire community. More than just having good doctors, SuccessTMS is creating an experience for those who suffer from depression that fully empathizes with the constant struggle while focusing on positive attitudes and clinical outcomes.

At Success TMS, we strive to deliver the best medical care in the country combined with an approach dedicated to making each patient feel welcomed, loved and cared for. We have one goal for all our patients: SUCCESS.