At SuccessTMS, we’re dedicated to providing you with the depression treatment options to get you out of the darkness and into the light. Depression is not a one-size-fits-all affliction, and consequently, it takes a personal and customized approach to be effective in fighting it.

Thankfully, insurance companies across the country are continually expanding their coverage and the types of treatments they cover. In fact, over 300 million Americans are covered for this innovative and life-changing therapy.

If You Have Insurance

Since being cleared by the FDA as an effective form of treatment for major depression, TMS therapy is approved by many insurance plans. Since the policies can vary greatly between insurance providers, coverage may vary.

At SuccessTMS, we are able to easily guide you through the subtleties of your insurance company policy through our dedicated billing team. Please call 561-240-0194 to see if your insurance plan qualifies for TMS.

If You Don’t Have Insurance

Not to worry — we have payment plans available that will work for you. Whether you choose to cash pay or one of our financing options, we will find a way to make this work so you can experience the life-changing treatment that is TMS.

SuccessTMS wants you to have every resource at your disposal to get the treatment that you not only need, but deserve. We’ll work with you in every capacity possible to ensure this therapy is a viable, available and accessible option whether through insurance, cash pay and/or financing options.

Remember, you’re not alone in this fight — we’re in it together. And together, we can help you overcome your depression through TMS therapy.

To schedule a consultation, call 561-240-0194. Don’t wait — contact us today.