How TMS Can Change Your Life

July 26th, 2018

Are you tired of your medication not working? Are you going in circles with traditional talk therapy? Are you afraid of the side effects of invasive therapies like ECT?

What if we told you there’s another alternative that can completely change your life?

If we have learned anything over the last decade of research, it’s that depression is not just treatable, it is beatable. The evidence is TMS therapy, where treatments are changing the lives of patients around the world. This alternative treatment truly works and can impact your life in a number of positive and groundbreaking ways. The following points are more than encouraging; they are compelling reasons to seek treatment that simply works. No medication, no invasive procedures, no intense and grueling appointments, just success with TMS therapy.

Find Happiness Again

We know how important it is to find joy and happiness in life, and with TMS therapy, you can. TMS therapy is recognized as a convenient, noninvasive, and proven way to treat Major Depressive Disorder. Here are just some ways TMS therapy will change your life.

  • Ease of treatment – Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a completely noninvasive procedure in which nerve cells in the brain are stimulated to help bring feelings of joy and happiness back into your life. While it may sound intimidating, we can assure you the process is more akin to a light massage-like sensation. After the initial treatment period, you can maintain the amazing results of TMS with as little as one session a month. It’s really that easy; the results give you the strength to live a normal, happy life!
  • No mind-altering medications – Tired of all those medications? TMS therapy in itself requires zero supplemental medications, which means you can focus on getting better while confidently lowering your dosage of medication, and who doesn’t want that? While you may feel more comfortable remaining on a low dosage of your prescribed antidepressants, you may eventually come to feel strong enough to leave them behind altogether. It’s a conversation you should have with your doctor, but you’ll be that much more equipped to say goodbye to the pills when you have SuccessTMS behind you.
  • It actually works – Think of us a guide, and you, the driving force. We are here to make sure that depression takes no hold over your life, so you can focus on getting better. With TMS therapy, you can! TMS is clinically proven to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate symptoms of depression in patients who abide by the proposed treatment schedule agreed upon by their advising physician. And while it may take the recommended six weeks to start feeling the mood-improving effects of TMS, it’s important to stay strong throughout the process. Remember your commitment to the six-week treatment and you will experience positive results!

You Have the Courage

We know you have the courage and willpower to make TMS therapy a reality in your life. As a venture that began with a dream of curing depression, SuccessTMS was built on the premise of hope. We are here as your support system throughout your journey into a happier life.

Inspire your own happiness with SuccessTMS. Contact us at 561-240-0194 to learn more about TMS and to schedule your first consultative appointment with our amazing team of physicians. For any additional inquiries, please fill out a contact form. We look forward to making a difference in your life!