Getting To Know Dr. Lindsay Israel, MD

August 27th, 2018

SuccessTMS is overjoyed to have Dr. Lindsay Israel, MD, an experienced psychiatrist and Florida native, join our team. With over 15 years of experience in the psychiatric field and a passion for saving lives, Dr. Israel fits right in.

Dr. Israel completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and jumped right into her 7-year medical program at the University of Florida College of Medicine where she was one of 12 students to be admitted into the Junior Honors Medical Program. After completing her residency, fellowship, and training programs for psychiatry, she opened her very own private practice.

For five years Dr. Israel practiced as a child psychiatrist and became the go-to psychiatrist for active-duty Navy families. It was here that she gained hands-on experience by spending time with her patients and incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and earned her reputation for providing top-quality care.

Bringing Joy and Experience to SuccessTMS

As SuccessTMS works to help patients battle depression, we are excited to bring on new staff members that have a passion for helping patients feel loved, welcomed and cared for. Dr. Israel is joining our team as the Chief Medical Office & Medical Director. One of her many tasks is helping us evaluate patients to determine if they are candidates for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment.

Using her years of psychiatry and business experience, she will be responsible for implementing policies and procedures, including treatment protocols. Dr. Israel will work closely with our certified TMS treaters to conduct initial mapping of the brain to locate areas in need of stimulation. She is excited to continue training our certified TMS treaters in providing cognitive therapy so they can continue to achieve positive results for our patients before, during, and after treatments.

Continuing the SuccessTMS Goal

By adding highly experienced doctors like Dr. Israel, SuccessTMS is continuing our goal of providing the best medical care for patients living with depression. We strive to educate people on the benefits of TMS and how it can help patients avoid undergoing more extreme procedures such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT).

We understand that a lot of doctors are not offering TMS as an option for treating depression, that is why we are working to bring TMS to the masses. We want patients to know that they have options for funding their TMS treatment that they may not have known about, like the fact that insurance companies and Medicare cover TMS treatment.

We know that depression doesn’t just affect one person; it can affect families, friends and entire communities which is why SuccessTMS provides an alternative treatment for those who have taken antidepressants in the past and have had no success. TMS is the treatment that those battling depression, and their families, have been waiting for. It is the only FDA approved, non-invasive treatment that does not require patient to ingest medication, and has been proven to reduce the symptoms of depression without side effects. And on top of everything, TMS treatments are often covered by insurance and Medicare.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Dr. Israel on this journey with us as we continue to change lives with this incredible treatment.

For more information on our alternative treatments for depression in Miami, FL or the information about our depression treatment centers near Miami, FL, please contact us at 561-240-0194.