Being “Anti” Antidepressants

October 2nd, 2018

If you are seeking treatment options for your depression, but want to avoid drug therapy altogether, SuccessTMS can help. Treating depression without pharmaceutical medication is possible, and today we want to talk about some of the alternatives to drug therapy for fighting depression. The bottom line? It’s totally doable, and the treatment options work.

Take a deep breath with us…now exhale. That felt good, right? Taking a mindful approach to life means paying attention to your body, your emotions, and your behavior, including that rarely thought-of, yet intrinsically vital means of sustenance called breathing. When we think about life, and more specifically about depression, the idea isn’t about survival anymore—it’s about one’s ability to thrive, every day, by overcoming the challenges life sets before us.

Today, we take a holistic approach to managing and treating depression by forgoing the debilitating cloud of side effects drug therapy can bring. The following alternative treatment methods have been found to help those who suffer from the heavy side effects of antidepressants.

TMS Therapy

As an alternative to electromagnetic treatment for depression in Bucks County, PA, and to avoid the severe side effects of drug therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy provides an effective and side effect-free treatment option, that can be enjoyed from the comfort of an office chair. Patients can simply sit and relax during the procedure, experience the mind and mood improving effects of the treatment, and leave, side-effect-free, the moment their treatment appointment is over. It’s that easy, and it works.


Skip the pills and hit the treadmill. When it comes to tried-and-true treatment methods for depression, exercise may be the most accessible and effective of them all. The best part about exercise as a means for regulating and controlling depression is that it can be done almost anywhere at any time. If you have a decent pair of sneakers, treating depression can be as simple as tending to the garden or taking a stroll around the park. To heighten the positive effects, performing intense cardiovascular exercise can be a means of capping stress hormone secretion responsible for sparking a depressive episode.

A Serotonin-Enhancing Diet

By following a more serotonin-enhancing diet, you can fight the underlying imbalances causing depression. An added benefit: many of the foods on this list are considered healthy foods, not only for your mind but for your body too! Eggs, pineapples, cheese, turkey, salmon, seeds and nuts are all great examples of depression-fighting foods. In combination with exercise, TMS therapy, and a healthy, serotonin-enhancing diet, those who suffer from depression can begin to formulate their own treatment style as a means for managing their depression.

By adding these natural elements as a mindful approach to treating depression, being anti-antidepressants will have you feeling more empowered than ever before. For alternatives to electromagnetic therapy for depression in Bucks County, contact us today to find Success with TMS!